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Data Filtering : Daily data vs Tick data

In the following article, we will focus on high frequency data filtering. What is the main difference between daily data and tick data?

5 min read



Algorithmic Trading - Best Practices: Stress-Testing

In the following article, we will focus on what is event-driven stress-test. Why does stress-test matter? And how to run easily a stress-test ?

5 min read


Market by Order (MBO) / Market by Limit (MBL)

This article describes the two representations of the market book : Market by Order (MBO) / Market by Limit (MBL).

2 min read


Why does Data Governance matter?

In the following article, we will focus on what data governance is. Why does data governance matter? And how does data governance improve the asset manager’s activity?

10 min read


Why do data scientists waste up to 70% of their time and money collecting and cleaning data?

The following article will focus on understanding, highlighting, and sharing some insights on the real reasoning behind why do data scientists waste valuable time collecting and cleaning their data. The article will also briefly delve into the real “cost” of managing high quality data.

5 min read


Multi assets tick management

This quick how-to article explains how to handle multiple assets when querying the Tick data endpoint. This feature enables the user to retrieve data from a defined watchlist in a single request for an efficient and seemless workflow.

1 min read


DAX expansion

In this article, we will get an insight on how an index impacts a stock liquidity. We will look back on how DAX (German index 🇩🇪 on Deutsche Börse) expansion from 30 to 40 stocks impacted liquidity for these new stocks leveraging several APIs we provide.

The full sample and more data analytics samples and building blocks are available in our public Github repository.

6 min read

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