Cloud based financial data

21 June 2021

Our fully managed solutions are cloud-based, subscribe and start immediately retrieving on-demand data. We made technological choices enabling a cloud-agnostic and open architecture approach. Your cloud choice can be cost-effective 💰 and green 🌱

Instead of spending time and heavy costs on data collection/normalization and storage, access instant and quality on-demand financial data. Focus on bringing your investment R&D ideas live by leveraging bespoke analytics and overcoming technical limitations specific to standard data management approaches.

In addition to the most commonly used cloud providers, we integrated Scaleway offer to provide a cost-effective and green data storage. We make available on-demand financial and analytics backed with intuitive and scalable research and reporting capabilities sitting on a:

  • dedicated private cloud ecosystem.
  • mutualized cloud ecosystem with other clients to leverage technology costs.

Following a recent client integration, we chose to feature Scaleway as a cloud services provider for its sustainable and cost-effective approach:

"Scaleway is stepping up its ambition to drastically lower its environmental impact by 2025, in line with its strategies since the company’s creation. This commitment is compatible with the Paris Agreement’s aim to limit global warming to 2°C by 2050, and the European Commission’s Green Deal roadmap for 2030." Read more →

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