On-demand financial data and analytics

09 June 2021

We are pleased to launch on-demand data solution to support and streamline your investment and risk management workflow. We are looking forward to getting your thoughts and suggestions.

Systemathics on-demand financial data and analytics offer makes available trusted data sources backed with rich and extensive transfomation and calculation services. Our intuitive, modern and scalable API helps you reducing the technology costs and overcoming performance boundaries when dealing with historical data.

Our data management workflow follows mainly three different steps from the raw data sourcing to the needed analytics and bespoke datasets generation:

  • Data collection: capture and store market data in a raw, either exchange or provider format
  • Data normalization/validation: resolve market data format diversity and optimize storage for efficient exploitation
  • Data exploitation: design/run bespoke analytics and dataset generation or seamless integration within proprietary or 3rd party systems

Flexible subscriptions are provided going from API access to on-premises data management solution, through a JupyterLab environment.

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