How Systemathics can help you access financial data

22 August 2022

In this post, we will focus on how Systemathics helps you access financial data.

Data access

Accurate financial data is key in the finance industry.
Even if a market has hundreds of data providers, finding the best one for you requires thorough and time consuming research!
Additionally, it is often necessary to handle more than one provider to get the data you need.

Data maze

This is why Systemathics provides you with a single API with full documentation, so you can access all data from reliable and comprehensive data business partners. We handle the burdens of connecting to the appropriate providers and exchanges, before normalizing access to the data so it is easy to use.

Data provider integrations

Ganymede API is integrated with each of our data business partners to bring you quality data from key names, such as ICE, to private data vendors.

Our API provides :

In short, with the help of Systemathics' API, you can significantly increase your productivity and obtain quality data without added research stresses.
If you are interested in accessing our API, don't hesitate get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.

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