Symbol changes management

22 June 2021

Symbol or ticker changes can be handled as a corporate actions event or a static data update. In this article we are dealing with symbol changes automated management as a corporate actions market event.

A name change or a ticker change can be handled as a corporate actions event and occurs in various use-cases such as:

  • company decides to change its name and the issued securities from an old name to a current name.
  • mergers and acquisitions, old names are combined to a new one

Symbol change should be spread all along the investment, risk and data management workflow. Here are few examples of immediate consequent symbol updates:

  • data collection robots
  • watchlists and analytics dahsboards
  • strategy building and simulation bots
  • indices components if the symbol belongs to one or more indices
  • risk models

It enables to track and retrieve corporate actions data through Ganymede, our web and cloud-based JupyterLab environment, and our API.

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