About us

Leading the way in smarter data consumption. Our solutions aim to reduce costs by providing easy access to high quality data.

Our journey

We help you focus on your business and we take care of data management for you 🚀

Easy access to quality data while reducing costs at the same time is our approach to financial data management. Originally, this product was exclusively integrated within the Systemathics Trading Engine. We decided to build a standalone product to best meet the increasing needs for on-demand financial data management solutions. We also came up with flexible access mode: Jupyterlab, API or a dedicated instance.

We took on the work to make readily available pre-mapped, clean and cross-validated data (tick data, intraday data, daily data and corporate actions) to help you focus on your core business. Our hope is to empower quantitative researchs and alpha generation by providing intuitive tools to get actionable insights from vendor or client data.

Who we are?

We are a bunch of fun geeks looking forward working for you 🤓

Our trading background enabled us to practice market data, to acquire an in-depth understanding of data ecosystem and to seize complexity of high-volume and mutlti-sources financial data management: collection, normalization and exploitation.

How we do?

Our data management workflow follows mainly three different steps from the raw data sourcing to the needed analytics and bespoke datasets generation:

  • Data collection: capture and store market data in a raw, either exchange or provider format
  • Data normalization/validation: resolve market data format diversity and optimize storage for efficient exploitation
  • Data exploitation: design/run bespoke analytics and dataset generation or seamless integration within proprietary or 3rd party systems

We make available different data exploitation solutions from API access to on-premises data management solution, through a JupyterLab environment.


Web access to on-demand data

Fully managed web portal making available on-demand data from trusted sources. Wide range of extensive data transformation/calculation services within a Jupyterlab environment. Intuitive features and rich documentation to build on provided samples.


API access to on-demand data

Use your preferred implementation language to call our API and seamlessly integrate normalized datasets within your workflow. Wide range of extensive data calculatio/transformation services to help you building bespoke analytics and simulation datasets.

Managed solution

Data management solution

End-to-end data management as a fully-managed service or self-managed by the client. Extensive data providers connectors and capacity to integrate internal datasets. Intuitive and poweful exploitation/monitoring features to reduce risks and technology costs.