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What is Ganymede?

Ganymede is our on-demand, fully managed data solution for asset managers, researchers, traders and data scientists.

It tackles the challenge of collecting, cleaning and normalizing tick data, intraday data, daily data, reference data, corporate actions and sustainability data whilst remaining productive and up-to-date with the best practices of data engineering.

Data Access

Access Ganymede tick data history in a variety of easy ways

  • From our online portal, Jupyter Notebook, which provides easy-access tick data from any public cloud. Samples covering use cases can be found in our github repository/archive.

  • Through the Ganymede API: Clients can examine the output in the SNTR database quickly within the cloud. Ganymede API and SNTR database can be deployed in any cloud supporting Kubernetes.

  • With Ganymede files, using S3 API or optionally with SFTP. Files can be either raw tick data or processed tick data, such as 5 minute bars.


How data is normalized and processed

    Ganymede customizable service gathers data from multiple trusted sources before cross-validating and aggregating them into a normalized database stored on a private cloud, allowing you to access the following easily and hassle-free:
  • Asset classes: Forex, equities, futures, options, bonds, cryptos
  • Data types: tick data, intraday data, daily data, reference data, corporate actions and sustainability data

Ganymede's solution provides you with bespoke tools to build your own custom analytics. Our services can be tailored to your needs, helping you access quality data on demand while saving valuable time.


Get a preview on how to use data with some notebook examples

Use Cases

Ganymede provides help for many use cases


Query a large database of consolidated data, with accurate static and dynamic information including symbol mappings, industry coding, historical data, corporate actions.


Improve your tick-by-tick data strategies performances and reliability through backtesting services.

Quantitative research

Carry out quantitative analytics.

Transaction Cost Analytics (TCA)

Meet regulatory best execution obligations through trade cost analysis in order to improve trading efficiency. Includes PRIIPs regulation, also known as the arrival price methodology.

Book reconciliation

Perform market microstructure analysis by aggregating trades and books or recreating the full order book.

Algorithmic trading

Test and develop algorithmic trading models.

Market Surveillance

Detect and avoid market manipulations and ensure your trades compliance needs through market surveillance.

Risk Management

Hedge your trading strategies and manage positions as well as their risks.

FRTB scenarios

Comply with banks Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) with a wide historical of time-stamped tick data to match current market risk standards.


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